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from indonesia. fathoming donald's in antony sher, they do not have any -- the mcdonald's in indonesia, they do not have any problems, and no one set a rule to ban the toy is. it is so much fun for my niece and my nephew to come, and it brings happiness to my family. a i strongly object to this ordinance. >> how did you find out about the hearing today? >> if you will get your phone and check that they are off, we would appreciate it. >> i am just wondering how you heard about the hearing today. i appreciate it. >> her friend told her about it. >> do you know if they have been funded by fast-food companies? >> china news. >> i am opposed to this resolution. the main reason is i am a proud father of kids. my house has regulations. the government needs to stay out of my house by dictating what i can feed my kids my kids are allowed to have fast food once a month. they are my responsibility. the part of the world i came from, they dictated what we could eat and what we could wear. i am trying to raise a family to stay out of the dictatorship. thank you very much. >> thank you syria -- tha
you so much, sir. excellent work. >>> we turn now to the largest muslim nation, indonesia, christians have been growing. most recent incident happened this week, 10 suspects were invoed in an attackagainst 2 christian pastors. >> reporter: attackers stabbed this ministerin the stomach and attacked this man with a planck. one of the injuried pastors said they were approached by a group of motorbikes. indonea's president calls on police to hold the attacker accountable. he said we must uphold the law. there isno room for violence to be committed against anyone for any reason. murharli barda has been named a suspect in the attack. muslim extremists that have warned mems of the filalfia batak church. a mob similar to thisone gathered at the local mosque and tried to prevent the christians from meeting at the church. pastor>> some through stes. others were calling us infadels and pigs and yelling obscenities. some said burn the church, close it down. >> it is located in a densely populated muslim area. the christian worshippers refused to back down. every week 20 or so return to pray defi
>>> and crash is and burn, a small plane goes down at an air show in indonesia. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm amara sohn. >>> today we begin with one step forward, two steps back. small business legislation cleared congress yesterday. however, divided democrats punted on a vote to preserve middle class tax cuts until after midterm elections in november. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, tracie. >> amara, good morning. what to do about taxes? the senate has confirmed what the house said, that this is not going to happen before you go to the polls in november. senate democrats got together, but could not agree on how to move forward. the issue is whether or not to preserve the bush tax cuts for everyone or just for the middle class and let taxes go up on the wealthy. it is a political hot potato headed into november, not one that the democrats now say they want to touch before you go to the polls. however, what they did back, a small business bill, $30 billion, a new fund to help small businesses get l
.com. >>> two strong earthquakes shook indonesia today. the first earthquake measuring 6.6 and struck before 2:00 a.m. our time in a sparsely populated part of eastern indonesia. the second registered 7.2 created a tsunami warning went out but was listed a short time later. so far no reports of injuries or damage. >>> civil unrest brought to europe as marchers marched to protest measures put in place by the european union. the biggest protest took place in spain where they stage there first strike in eight years to the unemployment rate in spain is 20%, about twice the average of other countries. the protesters are happy about budget cuts they say disproportionately affect workers while sparing bankers and traders that helped bring a global economic crisis. >> that unrest among with new concerns weighed on wall street today as stocks traded lower for most of the session. the nasdaq shed 3.3 of. >>> a new online poll suggests fewer than half of the american workers take a lunch break. the poll conducted by a company said 47% of those responding say they almost always take a break for lunch but
of the indonesia but the tsunami danger has now passed. there were no reports of damage even though it was a magnitude 7.2 quake that struck west of the papua province. it is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity. in 2004, an earthquake caused a tsunami in indonesia that killed more than 200,000 people. >>> next, the controversy behind mammograms and when women should get them. why new information released today is adding to the confusion. >>> banking on tragedy. st scammers from the san bruno fire. >> it is nice to be paid middle class salary. >>> underpaid and overworked. would a bonus help teachers help make the grade in the classroom? >>> triple digits remain in the east bay. however we are going to undergo more cooling for tomorrow. the south bay 11:00 a.m., only whenhewe'l tell you when the l will return in the seven-day forecast coming up. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment. i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me t
is it to like about indonesia. >> reporter: the index is up 90%. japan and south korea are expanding their operations, and south korea sees indonesia as the place to go, and so they're going there, and that is fueling huge growth. >> tom: clearly these three exchange traded funds have provided a lot of rewards for people who have been in here early. but what is the risk in trying one type of frontier or even an emerging market? >> in emerging markets, you only want about 5%. and that will offset some of the poor performance with the american markets. if you put 5%, and it returns, you've done well. >> tom: you can read debra's article at thestreet.com, and there is a link to it on our website as well. thanks so much, debra borchart, she is a reporter with thestreet.com. >> susie: the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the smell of the popcorn-- baseball is america's favorite pastime. but now it has run into the roadblock of the economic meltdown, and baseball is being battered. filmmaker ken burns examines the state of the sport in his latest documentary, "the tenth inning," wh
for al qaeda. indonesia's's president says images of the koran in flames could threaten world peace and damage relations between islam and the west. in india, and where the population of 130 million muslims, said such a and outrage should be prevented. it would inflame sentiments among muslims throughout the world and cause irreparable damage. noriega maliki -- nouri al maliki has responded. >> the plans of just one man in america have already provoked demonstrations. contactors burn an american flag to show how much they object to terry jones' plan to burn the koran. the pastor leads a fringe movement. the church has just 50 members. his plans have now earned him a personal warning from the president. >> it is listening, i hope he understands that what he is proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans. this country has been built on the notions of religious freedom and religious tolerance. >> the president has one specific worry. >> this stunt that he is talking about pulling could greatly endangered our young men and women in uniform in a rock, in afghanistan
another development center in indonesia. it will increase local employees in charge of development by about three times from the current 110. nissan says it hopes these measures will double its market share in thailand and indonesia to over 10%. the carmaker forecasts that the southeast asian auto market will exceed 3 million in five years, up from 1.9 million in 2009. japanese automakers including nissan are focusing on asia as domestic market is not expected to grow. >>> colombia was once known as one of the most unsafe countries in the world. in recent nears it's enjoyed steady growth with big improvement in security. now colombia is trying to attract more foreign investment, especially from asia. nhk world's sakai tells us more. >> and this year, we became the number one country, latin america, in business climate. we're number one in latin america, number 37 in the world. so we need to continue going that direction. >> reporter: when colombia's former trade minister visited tokyo in july to woo japanese investors, he declared his country one of the world's most ideal investmen
right, terry, thanks. we have break news from indonesia where officials say a 7.4 magnitude earthquake has hit off the coast of indonesia. meteorological agencies say the shallow underwater quake has the potential to trigger a tsunami. the quake that struck just over 30 minutes ago was centered 15 miles beneath the ocean floor. we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest on abc7news.com. >> the state attorney general's office says it will appeal a federal judge's decision to halt the execution of convicted murderer and rapist albert brown. brown was scheduled to die tomorrow night at 9:00 but judge jeremy fogel has now issued a stay saying he wants more time to consider the state's new lethal injection procedures. the stay was issued after the judge was told to reconsider his position to allow the execution. the state has invited fogel to vilt the san quentin death chamber to clear up any questions. the state supply of one of the drugs expires on friday and the company that makes it says more will not be available for several months. that means if a higher court does
him as a romantic substitute for the man who left her. she and obama moved to indonesia where obama lived for four years. >> glenn: people can't understand why obama went to hawaii. how did -- why did mom say that barack should go away? how did it happen? >> this is an incredible story. when they got to indonesia, lola who was believed by ann to be an anti-colonialist, anti-western guy, turned out to be more pro-western and more anti-communist than she thought. he went to work for the suharto government fighting communists in indonesia. he took a job at an oil company. they moved into an affluent neighborhood. and obama's mom by obama's account became embitter and began to accuse her husband lolo of being a sell-out. >> glenn: this is not conjecture. >> this is not. >> glenn: this is fact and it comes from obama. what did obama write himself about lolo? >> obama said he would overhear loud disputes between the mother and the stepfather in which the stepfather would say why are you yelling at me? i'm among your people, meaning white people. she would say they are not my people. she s
into the streets of indonesia or malaysia or pakistan, the streets of lahore and say to them what they think about sheikh osama bin laden. >> when was the last time you were in indonesia. >> about three or four months ago. >> i've been to both places. i would say the polling is also consistent with my personal observations. >> if there was an election between any leader of the muslim countries in the world today and sheikh osama bin laden, he would win hands down. >> except there are elections in half the muslim world and the muslim fundamentalists let alone the jihadis do terribly. last time they got one seat. >> i'm not propagating the idea of democracy and freedom because these things are anathema to muslim. these fellows are more -- >> they're not popular because they are -- elections in pakistan, there are elections in india. there are elections in indonesia. >> if you go to any ordinary practicing muslim in any part of the muslim world, we believe the sharia needs to be implemented. >> how do you explain when there are elections they don't vote for these people. >> they don't believe voting
breaking news right now. the president of indonesia writing a letter to president obama urging hill to step in and stop the planned burning of korans at a florida church nine years after the terror attacks. now pakistan wants the burning astopped, calling it, quote, a crime against humanity. cnn's ed henry is working on it at the white house. pastor terry jones out florida outreach center said he's not convinced that backing down is not the thing to do. >> the vatican is also weighing in on the controversy. the church calling pastor jones' choice outrageous and brave. today, a large islamic group will announce an initiative to distribute 200,000 copies of the koran to replace the 200 copies that pastor jones plans to burn. we'll be joined by reverend larry rymer, he's the minister of a church in gainesville. he's trying get pastor jones to call off the koran burning. >>> we've got extreme weather to look at now, what's left of tropical storm hermine wreaking havoc across the dallas-ft. worth area. look at this, four funnel clouds. came out of nowhere. tearing apart a city block. leaving beh
. >>> in indonesia, a fiery accident during an air show is caught on tape. [screams] >> a horrified crowd looked on and the pilot came in too low. he survived and he's in critical condition >>> back here in the u.s., it could be a long day for lindsay lohan. she's due in court at this hour after she failed a drug ordered drug test. she was just released from rehab and the viablelations could land her in jail for a month more. >>> and you could call it an off night for two robbers in colorado. the men entered a liquor store and called the man to get on the floor. their night didn't stop there. the same night, they attempted another robbery and ended up both getting shot. they're expected to recover and they'll face charges. >>> still ahead on eyewitness news at noon. as you take another live look outside. the forecast the 2 1/2 minutes away. >>> first, let's look at today's midday stocks. ,,,,,,,,, >>> welcome back, today, we're joined by nutmeg, a cute name. >> it's been a long time since i've had nutmeg on my lap. >> he's 1 years old and a beagle mix. he needs a good home. she's 1 1/2. >> yeah,
in indonesia as a kid so he's got to have this world view. it's a 1i8y construct. and as you pointed out there were mistakes in it too. >> d'souza told me this was a psychological theory he had devised. what do you make of this argument that o'babama is adopt these anti-clonal policies and believes in this because of his dad? >> i think americans in general forget that the individual is separate from the sins of the father, that somehow a belief system is passed on through oz mossis from the father to the son especially when they last met when they were 10 years old. look, we've seen these sinister psychological profiles of presidents that began with woodrow wilson. we saw a lot during nixon, clinton, george w. bush. they're always hyperpartisan and hyperparanoid but rarely do they leap to the cover of a respected national magazine like "forbes." and that's part of the trouble here. it's a sign of the rise of the partisan media. and the columbia journalism review was right to call this snaer journalism. >> let me pick that point up with craig crawford. robert gibbs really went after this
. we have signatures from across the country. from canada, taiwan, indonesia, china, and hong kong. we have signatures of our neighbors and members of the local chinatown association organization that has a 150-year history in the audience tonight. we have a 97-year-old lady in the audience tonight to see if we improve. >> happy birthday. [applause] >> in the audience tonight are members of the public to support 605 kearny street, and i would like to thank them all and ask them to stand up to be acknowledged. commissioner garcia: maybe we need to see who was against it. it's seems like everybody stood up. >> thank you. san francisco is a great city with great people and a great government. the government believes in protecting our property rights and the rights of our citizens. when the project is finished, we will gladly pay the increased property tax. the business and local sales tax revenue will help the city. we are living in tough economic times. i hope the board will please support the request to proceed with this project. it will be a great addition to chinatown and to san franc
niño de 2 años de indonesia, se está librando poco a poco del cigarrillo. >> alejandro mendoza: ñl se hizo famoso cuando un video dio la vuelta al mundo. >> maría leticia: llegó a fumar 2 cajetillas por dia >> alejandro mendoza: al ser llevado por un sicólogo, el niño descubrió que hay más cosas que fumar y fumar. >> maría
.s. flag, the indonesia, the presidenwarns of an interfaith bklash. >> what is being planned by reverend terry jones and followers in florida, the united states of america, before the publics burn the holy koran, not only with the feelings of the islamic but i am also certain the feelings of the followers of other faiths can threaten peace and security. >> in the gaza strip, the hamas prime minister vowed allegiance to the koran and called pastor jones a criminal liar. in the u.s. clergy were quic to condemn the plans as well. >> i say shame on you. >> bearingwitness against your neighbor is against the koran and bibles. we have to be here. >> even president obama weighed in on the safety of the u.s. citizens abroad. >> ts stunt he is talking aboupulling could greatly endanger our young men in women in iraq and afghanistan. >> mission's experts say these kinds of events can be catastrophic for christians in muslim lands. >> christians arou the world will suffer. there is almost no doubt about that. we will most likely see christians killed because of these koran burnings. that is a huge
of these is how, you know, is about the largest islamic nation in the world, indonesia. only a quarter of f americans know that most people in indonesia are muslims. at a time when islam is very much in the news, when barack obama spent some of his youth in indonesia, you would think it might be higher. less than a quarter of americans know that. questions about religion in public schools very interesting. the highest single response rate that was correct on any of our questions was to a question under the supreme court rulings can a teacher lead a class in prayer? nearly 90% of americans correctly said no. in a public school a teacher cannot lead a class in prayer. but on a similar question, can a teacher read from the bible as an example of literature? most americans also say no. incorrectly. >> woodruff: alan cooperman, what should we take away from this? why do you come away from this with theories about why people don't know as much as we think they should or do. >> a whole variety of ... on the public school question people think there are greater restrictions on the teaching of relig
countries such as china, japan, the philippines and indonesia. >>> an underground discovery made in southern maryland. >> it's a dolphin skull that is estimated to be 16 million years old. it was found in calvert county. these are pictures from the excavation from calvert cliffs. it was found three months ago and this weekend students from an evolution class at harrisburg university helped dig the whole thing out. a paleontologist from the calvert marine museum said the dolphin was underwater. it died and was covered. the fossil will be on display at the museum in just a few weeks. >>> 6:53. sticking with that theme, carving out a big storm in the atlantic, igor, this one 150 mile-per-hour winds, the eye about 15 nautical miles apart. and the storm itself looks very healthy and looks like it may strengthen a little bit today. goes through these eyewall replacement cycles and may weaken a little there and into the open waters of the atlantic ocean. julia behind it, no threat to land but watching igor. category 4 storm may briefly hit category 5, gradually weaken and then spread out lots of w
, a small plane crash. watch it burst into flames in an air show in indonesia. the crash was seen by hundreds of school children at the show. the pilot, the only person on board the single-engine aircraft was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >>> the redskins hit the road. will the starting left tackle be on the field to protect mcnabb? lindsay murphy has the latest in your sports edge. >> good evening, from watkinsville high school. i'm lindsay murphy n. five minutes, we'll kick off our game-of-the-week between watkins mill and clarksburg. >>> in nfl news, the 1-1 redskins hit the road and they will play the 0-2 ramos sunday and mike shanahan will not say whether hainesworth will be active for the game or not and other players questionable, chris horton and armstrong and williams. they will be gametime decisions and speaking of trent williams, there is -- on that and after suffering a knee contusion and brain in last sunday's loss to the texans. if williams is unable to g the coach is confuddent in his backup's ability. >> we got a good situation. had jamal play the l
for burma's plan to hold elections later this year. a volcano in indonesia has had the most violent eruption since it first return to life nine days ago. it shot ash 5,000 meters into the air. it had been dormant for more than 400 years. in most of europe, retirement at the age of 62 would be cause for rejoicing. not so in france. the unions have organized a general strike over government plans to raise the retirement age by two years from the current threshold of 60. it is sitting public transport, banking, the postal service, and airports. is there any sense in france that workers recognize that they are out on a limb on this one? >> as i was walking to work this morning, i wonder how many bricks or germans might have sympathy with the french position. they have always had a social right to retire early and they've always depended on the government to provide their pension. the new economic climate means is no longer affordable. the government says the french test to show some courage now because there will be changes. >> i picked on pensions, but this is much bigger than pensions. this is
earthquakes hit the waters off eastern indonesia today prompting a breeze tsunami warning. first of 6.6 earthquake followed by an even bigger jolt of 7.2. the area closest to the epicenter is remote and sparsely populated. it so far no reports of damage. we'll be right back after this break. i inherited my father's '69 norton commando. it's been a dream of mine to restore it. and it's my dream for him to finish it. frank has something great to save up for. this is my dad. isn't that cool? and a very understanding girlfriend. i showed him a wells fargo savings account with my savings plan. [ frank ] and what it does is it takes a little bit of my money and puts it towards my goal. i want to get all the original parts and do it right. for my dad. there's a couple months in between parts. so, one at a time. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪ with you when it's time to save. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare al
to america and the first are thought to have come from indonesia. the population is growing. now that it's getting colder the stink bug wants to come inside and get cozy. at chapman gardens, the bugs have been setting off motion alarms four or five times a night. >> there's hundreds, they fly, they land on you. they are in groups. you open the door they are in your hair. >> reporter: what's the best weapon against stink bugs. according to the experts it's a vacuum cleaner. but they warn people, if the bugs get crushed as they are sucked in, it will end up stinking. >> well they may stink but they don't bite, they don't spread disease but they can be harmful to crops. >>> jelly fish are invading the harbor. you can see the constalation in the back. >> another reason not to swim in the inner harbor. >>> too hot for sesame street. why katy perry's duo with elmo the is being banned. >>> after sustaining a debilitating head injury. a maryland teen testifies on capitol hill. >>> coming up next on wjz, why if this law passes it could affect you and your children. >>> much cooler weekend headed
to know if their meat is really halal. after 400 years of silence, a volcano in indonesia has erupted for the second time in a week. >> a wake-up call for the people living around this mountain. for the third time, a volcano has erupted. shelters have been set up and thousands have been fleeing from the mountain slopes. many were woken in the early hours. >> tremors were so scary. >> this activity has brought the first eruption since 1600. a monitoring station has been set up. >> this morning the volcano erupted again with a thundering sound. we felt the tremor is 8 kilometers away. this is the biggest one. >> but for the residents who fled, -- the volcano was dormant so long that scientists don't understand its eruption patterns. precautions such as these face mask are still being taken as smoke continues to dispute over the area. for local children, temporary measures include improvised lessons. in the days since the eruption, many villages turned to ancient methods. many of them rely on the land. >> this ritual is meant to pray to our ancestors to pray for our safety. >> authoritie
. this is one of them. during an air show in indonesia, a small plane burst into a fireball. somehow, the pilot got out and survived. he is in the hospital with serious injuries. the spectators who witnessed the crash included hundreds of young school children, including kids in kindergarten. >>> surveillance video showed masked men entering a lick core store only to make a quick exit when a clerk fired a shot into the ceiling. minutes later, the same robbers tried to go into a different liquor store and hold it up. that clerk also armed, and ended up shooting them both. the two men in the hospital, but are expected to be okay. >>> tomorrow is an important day for parents nationwide. this is an opportunity for all of us to clean out our medicine cabinets and turn in unused or retired prescription drugs, no questions asked at three sites throughout our community. >> the drug enforcement agency will then incinerate the drugs. as andrea mckaren reports, that simple act could save a life. >> i was out here when i heard screams upstairs, ran upstairs to find out what was going on. >> reporter: phil
with our planned a van. >> protestors have been at taking to the streets in afghanistan and indonesia. at cairo university, where president obama gave his address to muslims, egyptian officials see trouble ahead. >> it may not last long, but there will be of very deep wound that will last much longer. >> it is in afghanistan where the u.s. and other international forces are most at risk for retaliation. extreme views can play into the hands of moslem extremists. for them, this is gift they will likely take maximum advantage out. bbc news. >> details of the psychological present that one woman experience. she describes this in her memoirs, which arrived on bookshelves today. we have this from vienna. >> this is the story of a horrifying ordeal. captured at the age of 10, she was kept in a cellar by her kidnapper. in the book, she describes how she was starved and beaten. she was forced to clean house at naked, and he called her -- half naked, and he called her his slave. but she says it was less about sex and more that he wanted something to cuddle. as well as violence, there was psych
and indonesia in november. the american hiker released from an iranian prin wants to meet with mac municil am dean january. shara showered wants him to know she has no animosity toward him or the people. she was released for humanitarian rsons. >>> you can see the full interview at 7:00 this morning right here on nbc 4 after news 4 today. >>> lindsay lohan is back in ko court today and could be heading back to jail after testing positive for cocaine at a random drug test two weeks ago and failing a second random test which showed amphetamines. the 24-year-old actress could face up to 30 years in jail. >>> it is now 4:50. and tom is here with a look at our forecast. it's been hot lately. >>> could take on the calendar. i think the end of september. feels like the middle of july. we're starting off with a mild and ggy pattern that has permeated much of the region overnight. we have had a persistent southerly flow. it's in place on this friday morning. there's the washington monument shrouded in light fog. so far we're counting up the number of 90 degree days. all-tme record, 67 set in 1980. we
of silence, a volcano in indonesia has erupted for the third time in a week. this is the strongest yet. >> a wake-up call for the people living around this volcano. the volcano has erupted for the third time. shelters have been set up for thousands fleeing. many were woken in the early hours of the morning. >> tremors were so scary. >> this activity has brought the first eruption since the year 1600. a monitoring station has been set up. >> at 4:38 the volcano erupted again. we felt the tremor is 8 kilometers away. >> this is the biggest one. i suspect this is the last one. >> but there is uncertainty. that is because the volcano was dormant so long that scientists don't understand its patterns. precautions are still being taken because smoke continued to spew ominously over the area. for local children, temporary measures include improvised lessons. in the days since, many villages have turned to ancient methods. many of them rely on the land for their food. >> this ritual was meant to pray to our ancestors to pray for our safety. >> authorities continued to make all the provisions th
not make the mistake of the 1930's. >> a powerful earthquake has struck waters outside of indonesia, sparking a tsunami warning. no reports of injuries or damage so far. the tsunami warning was lifted 90 minutes after the quake. italian prime minister silvio battle is going -- berlusconi has won a vote of confidence. that could allow him to stay in office for the remainder of his term, until 2013. the vote follows weeks of argument with one of his main coalition partners. india has launched a nationwide biometric id scheme which will log details of more than a billion citizens on a central database. it will be what india thinks is the world's biggest national database, a unique identification program aimed at helping those in poor, marginalized communities who find it difficult to act as public services. the french government and the european commission have been at loggerheads over the deportation from france of hundreds of roma migrants. the european commission says they failed to respect european rules on freedom of movement. they have two weeks to change their policy or be refer
after being videoed reading on the interstate. >>> a small plane goes down in flames in indonesia. good morning, i'm arana sohn. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. we begin this morning with one step forward, two steps back. small business legislation cleared congress yesterday, however, divided democrats punted on a vote to preserve middle class tax cuts until after midterm elections in november. nbc's tracie potts joins us. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: what to do about taxes. the senate confirmed what the house already said, this is not going to happen before you go to the polls in november. senate democrats got together, but could not agree on how to move forward. the issue is whether or not to preserve the bush tax cuts for everyone or just for the middle class and let taxes go up on the wealthy. it is a political hot potato headed into november. not one that the democrats now say they want to touch before you go to the polls, however, what they did back, a small business bill, $30 billion, a new fund to help small businesses get loans. t
. you may remember a two-year-old indonesia child with a two pack a day smoking habit. his father said he threw violent tantrums when he didn't get the cigarettes. when it hit youtube.com, it drew lots from around the world. the government said they would help and said the child has kicked the habit. friday's perfect pet for you. you might have heard the >>> today on oprah at 4:00, singer christina aguilera, live at music hall. the unexpected overcrowding problem at one marin county school district. some students are being transferred and parents are furious. we'll hear from officer todd young's wife and get an update on his condition as he recovers from being shot while serving a warrant in oakland. those stories and more at 5:00. mike, who's your friend? >> got two of them today. probably one you recognize. how are you? >> i'm fine. i'm doing well, thank you. having fun with the cat here. >> i don't blame you. >> and oscar s. friendly. >> s. for so friendly. >> he actually is. very calm. most cats we bring in here they're kind of freakin' out and having a hard time dealing with every
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